Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30/9/09 - Happy Birthday Ravi & IT Dept Open House

Happy Belated Birhday Ravi. I made Superman Cheese Cake just for him. Everyone enjoyed this cheese cake.

At the same time we celebrated Hari Raya and invited all our friends to IT open house. Here are some o the IT staff who organised the open day. We decided to have port-luck.

We wanted to make something different so I had an opening ceremony of my new gadget of chocolate fountain. My colleague Azura brought srawberry all the way from Cameron Highland. The strawberry is so huge and lovely. We could cut each strawberry into 6 pieces. The strawberry was like 1.5" X 2" size. She also bought some apple to go with the melting chocolate. I bought some munchy's wafer. I totally forgot to bring a lot of thing i.e. cake stand & fork for the chocolate dip. I should have also brought my bahulu at home to dip into the melting chocolate.

Other than the lovely fountain, I also brought bahulu gulong, kek lapis, sarang burung biscuit and decorated square london almond.

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