Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7/6/2010 Chef Amer's book launching, butterfly cookies,Norrizan Bakers & Blueberry cheese cake

This is a blueberry cheese cake for a dear friend Evany.

This is what I do during my off time and light days. Go to classes on Sunday. Me and my sifu Kak Norrizan from Norrizan Bakers.

During heavy time... This is what happen. Actually these cookies are for my hubby's colleague.

I particularly like the blue & white batik design.

The following is an invitation to Chef Amer's book Launching. Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolate.

The chef who made the white chocolate candle. Pretty cool yeah.

Chocolate Roses in pastry Basket.
Ta daaaa.... Chef Amer and his fans.