Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7/2/10 Factory visit (chocolate & mould)

We oraganised a trip to Dezzaris and CMR. Here are some photo to share. Not much varity of mould available but I just bought the chocolate boxes and kindabueno. Refer to the gold chocolate post.
to know more on tepak sirih (an offering). I love the egg chocolate but I could not get the mould here.

6/2/10 Sugar cookies

Just for fun. I went to a sugar cookies class at sugarflour Bangi. Really out of idea, then. But it turn put well. I like the glossy looks of these cookies. Here the royal icing uses meringue powder and does not require you to bake (drying) after decorating it.

I use fondant for the bear and pink gown. To paste fondant just brush a bit of water onto the fondant and paste on the cookies. Do not brush water on top of cookies as this will make the cookies turn soggy.

My Chef Shaharudin:

8/2/10 Gold, gold, gold cashewnut chocolates

Happy Chinese New Year to all. Here some of the chocolates I made. I hope you guys like it. It is cashewnut chocolates... Emmm yummy.....