Thursday, October 22, 2009

23/10/2009 - Happy Birthday Kesuma, Kasturi & Kak Misleha

I had so much fun yesterday with all my friends celebrating their birthday at one of the restorant at Pandan Jaya. I brought a cake for them. I combined all that I have learned from Tan See Fong, Mr Haw and LKM to decorate this cake.
Unbelievably easy to make chocolate corals.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

16/10/09 - Marble Cheese Cake & Chocolate moist cake for Salmiah

Playing with my air brush again. With very little time to decorate cake I use my airbrush to decorate these cake. My edible printer was not working so I ordered the edible image.

19/10/09.... Salmiah's granddaughter's cake was tempered last Friday (16/10/09). I have to fixed it with strawberry. Then salmiah told me today after sending the other cake, the pink cake icing falls again. So Salmiah added the decoration with wafer rolls and smarties and it turn out very-very grand and beautiful.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14/10/2009 - Chocolate moist Ben10 figure & children's day cupcake

Hi... Suddenly I got 4 cakes to bake... I don't even have time to decorate. The chocolate cake is for my daughter's friend. She ordered chocolate moist and plain chocolate marble cake. I think they love the marble cake because this is a repeat order in the last 2 weeks.

Just a few days ago my daughter told me that the school is celebrating children's day. So I told her I will make cup cake for your class. So here's a very simple rainbow colored cupcakes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10/10/09-11/10/09 Flower Decoration with Tan See Fong

Hi All....
Tired... that how I feel now... I went to 2 days class conducted by Tan See Fong. I wanted to learn how to make more flowers using my nozzle for so long. I realised I need a lot more practice in doing cake decoration. Tan See Fong has shown me how easy to decorate a cake once you have master it.
Here some of the photo I took during the class.

Master Tan See Fong's cake.

Finally... my cake... Oh well I really need a lot of practice.