Sunday, October 18, 2009

16/10/09 - Marble Cheese Cake & Chocolate moist cake for Salmiah

Playing with my air brush again. With very little time to decorate cake I use my airbrush to decorate these cake. My edible printer was not working so I ordered the edible image.

19/10/09.... Salmiah's granddaughter's cake was tempered last Friday (16/10/09). I have to fixed it with strawberry. Then salmiah told me today after sending the other cake, the pink cake icing falls again. So Salmiah added the decoration with wafer rolls and smarties and it turn out very-very grand and beautiful.


GEMINI said...

I think your cakes are beautiful....Marshallah!!!

Ibu Aimy said...

haah la setuju.. kretip laa.. mahal ke kak printer edible tu? leh la tempah kat akak.. hehe