Sunday, October 11, 2009

10/10/09-11/10/09 Flower Decoration with Tan See Fong

Hi All....
Tired... that how I feel now... I went to 2 days class conducted by Tan See Fong. I wanted to learn how to make more flowers using my nozzle for so long. I realised I need a lot more practice in doing cake decoration. Tan See Fong has shown me how easy to decorate a cake once you have master it.
Here some of the photo I took during the class.

Master Tan See Fong's cake.

Finally... my cake... Oh well I really need a lot of practice.


Nomie Aziz said...

cantiknya kak suzi! Menarik betul.semua pakai fresh cream ye?

Noor Rikha said...

Sekelas la dgn zatidhati ye. cikgu kita tu