Monday, September 14, 2009

10/9/09 Cookies and cakes for Pn Rozi

More cookies and cakes coming up for these festive season. Here is a batch ordered by Pn Rozi. I am really sorry for the mistake I've made. Pn Rozi actually asked for steam chocolate cake not moist chocolate cake. Anyway, thinking that it was for her daughter's birthday, I made the following.

Very special chocolate cake. The chocolate moist cake is top first with fresh cream and poured with ganache. The chcolcote flowers are hand made. Very2 easy. Just melt the cooking chocolate let it cool a little while so that it is thinker then add glukos and stir with spoon. When you stir the batter it becomes curdle and then you can kneed them into dough and make what ever you want with it.


chomeldvery said...

bagus info tu...tq4..

slmt hari raya kak suzi...maaf zahir batin..tima kasih sudi jd cikgu cyber yani

Anonymous said...

Suzi..cantik bunga chocolate ni...tolong ajarkan ...apa bahan2nya? glukos apa yang diguna?

suzinor said...

Assalamualaikum...Sama-sama. Suzi pun belajar dari cyber juga. Ini 2 website yang Suzi refer untuk buat chocolate roses.
Hope this helps.