Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5/6/09 Kek Choklat Kukus cawan for Kak Nas & cookies for Siti Rahayu

I made these cookies for Siti but this cookies are plain butter chocolate cookies. Taste nice & melt in the mouth. I use the same recipe but omitted the gound almond. My children help me decorating some of the cookies & packing them.

While decorating cookies I steamed chocolate moist cake (kek kukus roha) for Kak Nas. I could not find the casing. Luckily Kak Nas bought the casing for me. I use my new steammer gadget which I have bought all the way from Jakarta.

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umi_e said...

salam suzi... di Jakarta panggil apa pengukus tu? bentuknya memanjang ke tu?