Thursday, July 30, 2009

28/7/09-29/7/09 Lembaga Koko Malaysia

Finally.... I've got a chance to join LKM. I am so grateful to all that make it possible for me to join this training. Namely En Khairul, Tuan Haji Bakri, En Karim, Pn Maizatul and En Sazmi. I love this class as it gave me the exposure to cocoa products. Enjoy the view.

En Kharirul (Chef at work) The early birds. 1st day I was so excited that I reaches LKM at 7 am...

Oh BTW we got a chance to be in TV on 25/10/09 Inspirasi Koko @11am TV2. You can view me in Inspirasi Koko.

Some of the product we made & package them nicely ready for the market.

This is not done in LKM. I tried my new "Ketupat mold". The result is too small.


Hanni said...


Mcm mana u apply utk pergi kursus buat coklat ya?


suzinor said...

I'll sent you the detail if you provide me your email.

Hanni said...

Tq, pls email pada Terima kasih byk2 :)

rina said...

assalamualaikum. saya nak tanya mcm mana kita nak joint kursus kat LKM? timakasih email saya

fizah said...

saya pun nak tau cam nie nak joint kursus nie,email


::puTri:: said...

salam..boleh sy tau cmne nk join kursus coklat LKM??ade bayaran x??
email sy