Friday, January 2, 2009

2/1/2009 Chocolate Moist Cake for Pn Rozi

Yesterday I made this cake for Pn Rozi. It is chocolate moist cake with fresh cream topping. Even the roses is made of fresh cream using two tone technique pink outline on beige rose. The curls are made of coloured (brown) pipping jelly.


Dayang said...

1st time masok cni,kek semua cantik nampak sedap yer,anyway salam ukhwah

Anonymous said...

Salam Suzy..
Where is the MIB Training? Was the course good?

suzinor said...

Salam perkenalan Azizan,
The course is good for beginner who wants to learn basic on cake decorations. They tought us how to use the nozzle and pipping bag, mix butter cream, use fresh cream, transfer technic of cartoons drawing, sugar paste to make flowers, marzipan to make fruits model, use butter cream to make cartoon figure like doraemon, ninja turtle and the use of pipping jelly. If you don't have any basic on cake decoration I would recommend to go to this class. After that is up to you to practise and go around either online or get books to try some of the decorations. If you want detail on the decoration please email me at
Glad to share info with you.