Thursday, July 3, 2008

3/7/08 Blueberry Cheese Cake

Last night I made Blueberry Cheese Cake for K.Siti Fatimah.

Resepi Cikgu Suria:

half 9" sponge cake for base.
5 eggs (grade B, if grade A use 4 only) separate yolk and whites/asingkan putih dan kuning,
125g sugar/gula
500g cream cheese (phildephia is the best choice)
30g butter (or 1 sudu bumbung)
30g sugar/gula (or 1 sudu bumbung)
75g whipping cream (lebih kurang 3 sudu)
25g corn flour/tepung jagung (or 1 sudu bumbung)

Beat egg white with 125g sugar till soft peak. Set aside.
In another bowl beat cream cheese + butter + 30g sugar till soft then add egg yolk, whipping cream & corn flour.
Line baking tin with shortening. Place sponge cake at the bottom of tin. Pour batter onto the sponge cake.
Bake using merry beth steam bake style using 150C for 35 -40 minutes. Test using tester stick come out clean. left open the even for 10 minutes. Store in fridge for 30 minute (I usually leave it overnight before transfering the cake onto cake board.
Top cheese cake with blueberry and cover cake with fresh cream.

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