Monday, May 17, 2010

Lots of activity in May

Hi All... This month is a very busy month. I put all my activities in here. Hope you enjoy them.

Simple fondant cake. I made this dummy cake when I went for a training at Norrizan Bakery. There is more to come. I use them for my home decorations.

Cookies for teachers day. Can also be use as a door gift.

More cookies made for CT Rahayu.

Running out of idea. Air Asia came to my mind. So I just draw it on my cookies.

This is blueberry cheese cake for Salmiah. Looks very tempting.

Small bee for a new friend Ainey.

More cookies....

This is also for Ainey. She wants something that looks sweet for her wedding.

Cookies for snack. Actually it is sample for Raya cookies.

Cake for my new friend Evany.

Cookies for Raya.

Mocha cookies.

Pandan Pecan.

True love. For Raya I will change the shape to oval.

Strawberry Love cookies.

I learn how to make macaroon from Nomie....

I helped Nomie with the red macaroon. Oh Yummy & Chewy.
The gang who loves baking and decorations of hampers.

Hampers anyone?

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