Sunday, May 24, 2009

23/5/09 Chocolate Class

I am so happy that I now knew more about chocolate. I went to Dr Rahimah chocolate class.
Here is some of the chocolate I've made in the class.

Above chocolates with ganache filling

The pink and white shell is fill with ganache and strawberry filling. The square chocolate with pattern are actually munchy wafer quoted with chocolate. The bear and flower chocolate are peanut butter chocolate.


Anonymous said...

cane eh nak join kelas coklat dr ni.
n bape harga

Anonymous said...

boleh paste resepi coklat kat sini tak?

suzinor said...

Nak belajar buat choklat. Boleh contact Dr Rahimah/umm_anas
HP: 0123860742 e-mail: